This bibliography contains studies on how in a literary tradition X (the Spectant) certain temperamental characteristics are imputed to a nationality Y (the Spected). (The direction of the observing gaze is indicated by arrowheads: the Spectant> looks at the >Spected. Spectant and Spected are shaded in different colours for the sake of contrast clarity.)

  • Choose nationality tags from the Spectant and/or Spected dropdown lists to select relevant secondary literature.
  • The Name/Date lists are sortable by author, date, spectant and spected. Filtering keywords (such as author’s names, "race", "exotic") can be entered in the quick-search box.
  • Clicking the Name of any item in the list will bring up the full bibliographical reference.
  • For theoretical and general articles, use the Spected filter to select the tag [theory] or [general] (at the end of the drop-down list).
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