This part of the imagological website offers a set of articles aiding in the study of ethnotypes (the characteristics stereotypically attributed to various nationalities).

The articles come in three categories:

  1. five extensive survey articles on fundamental themes
  2. articles on the ethnotypes of different nations
  3. articles on theoretical and technical concepts

You can search or browse the Table of Contents listed below, or select articles with the aid of the three search boxes (by article category, by nationality, or by article author).
The articles are reproduced from Manfred Beller & Joep Leerssen (eds.) Imagology: The cultural construction and literary representation of national characters (Amsterdam/Leiden: Rodopi/Brill, 2007). The contents of the Imagology handbook book have been made avaible for Open Access by kind permission from Brill publishers under Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND.